Forging an Identity and Reaching Your Potential with Undefeated Pro Boxer Ed Latimore (BWB:008)


I’m totally burnt out on soft “wantrapreneur” type of advice commonly found in other podcasts, books, and blogs. Life is hard, business is hard and both can be total shit. Pretending otherwise is pointless.

That’s why I love following Ed Latimore on Twitter. He’s an intellectual warrior, unafraid to attack the issues many of us choose to ignore.

Here are some samples:

When he’s not running one of my favorite twitter accounts…

Ed is an undefeated 12-0 professional heavyweight boxer signed to Roc Nation, physics and engineering double major, chess nerd, video game nerd, author, writer, determined to be the most interesting guy in the room. He’s doing so many things at a high level, at the same time, there’s really no way to define him.

I think that’s the model all of us should strive for. Pursuing as many things as you want and becoming great at all of them. It doesn’t matter whether they’re related or relevant or make you look cool. Just go and do it, don’t get boxed in.

Listen to the show:

Show notes:

Like always we covered a lot in this interview. My editor Christian has given up trying to come up with the story lines, just because there are so many.

Personally, I really enjoyed talking about growing up where we both shared stories of getting teased, how we coped with that and what it did for us going forward.

Ed also talked about relationships and attracting women:

“On the contrast of being this big black guy being in this violent sport, but at the same time is probably reading a great book or studying math or speaks french or whatever that contrast it just drives girl crazy man”

There’s a lot to be learned.



Xenogears (the greatest game of all time?)


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