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Travel Hack Your Way to Free First-Class Flights with AJ Dunn of Abroaders (BWB 009)


Ever wanted to know how to sign up for 2 credit cards and fly yourself anywhere in Europe for free?  What about spending $74 dollars on a first class international flight that would cost most school teachers months’ worth of salary?

We’re joined by AJ Dunn of Abroaders who breaks down this reward heavy game where you can play like a baller with some simple creative problem solving.

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Show Notes:

AJ walks us through how to reverse engineer your way to your target goals.  That could be flying first class internationally, taking a ton of domestic flights, or any other number of goals.  We also touch on fundraising, recruiting talent, and building an app.

Keep an eye out for their full app going live in a couple of weeks and visit to join the Beta Testing!

Outro Song: Jon Bellion – Guillotine ft. Travis Mendes

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Forging an Identity and Reaching Your Potential with Undefeated Pro Boxer Ed Latimore (BWB:008)


I’m totally burnt out on soft “wantrapreneur” type of advice commonly found in other podcasts, books, and blogs. Life is hard, business is hard and both can be total shit. Pretending otherwise is pointless.

That’s why I love following Ed Latimore on Twitter. He’s an intellectual warrior, unafraid to attack the issues many of us choose to ignore.

Here are some samples:

When he’s not running one of my favorite twitter accounts…

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Projects Are The New Resume, Hustling and Manliness with Alon Shabo (BWB: 007)

alon shabo

I had a feeling this show could go in a lot of different directions and Alon didn’t let me down.

Even through the audio issues (Alon was getting his apartment in Medellin serviced at the time), we went through a ton of topics like the red pill, manliness, copywriting, fitness, and generally just being a badass.

The three main points of success:

  1. Projects are The New Resume
  2. Sell First (worry about everything else later)
  3. Stop Appeasing Everyone

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F*ck You Money and Intense Focus with WSOP Champion Martin Jacobson (BWB:006)

BwB 006 - Martin Jacobson

Martin is a multi-millionaire, WSOP winner, Natural Stacks champion, and former chef so it was awesome getting a chance to talk with him for this week’s episode of BizWithBen!

It took a bit to break some things down, but I think the discussion gets really interesting when we start discussing motivation after hitting “fuck you money” status and how relationships can change after you hit a liquidity event like winning the WSOP.

BizWithBen 006 – Martin Jacobson

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Muay Thai, Scuba Diving, and Passive Income 10 Different ways with Johnny FD (BWB:005)

johnnyfd photo

After being laid off in 2008 doing money managment Johnny FD has had an interesting time since to say the least..  He spent 4 years in Thailand doing scuba diving and muay thai making $600 per month. After discovering drop shipping our boy Johnny has passive income out the wazoo.  (You can see his monthly income report for yourself.)

Between 2 Kindle books, 2 dropship stores, a bunch of affiliate income sources, a couple courses on Udemy and a YouTube channel that brings in ads, it comes out to about 10 income sources.
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Going All In, Flippin’ Stuff on Ebay and The Best Women’s Shirt Ever with Jeremy @ Tradlands (BWB:004)


Many thanks to Jeremy from Tradlands for coming on the show and sharing some insight on what it takes to ditch the 9-5 and the hardships you’re going to more than likely encounter on your journey to financial freedom and starting an online business.

Between crashing with friends and family, flipping gadgets on Ebay for cash, to seeking advice from mentors, Jeremy gives us some incredible pieces of advice that you’re not going to want to miss.


From the @tradlands instagram page

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