This is probably the BEST JOB EVER


We all want to be Anthony Bourdain; travel the world, eat incredible food and drink local booze. Oh and get paid as well. If you have the personality and aptitude, Jauntaroo is looking for a “Chief World Explorer”. Basically it’s a gig where you’ll spend a year visiting exotic destinations, sharing experiences and creating content for Jauntaroo while earning a salary of $100,000.00! The chance of a lifetime.

Learn more and apply here.

  • John Gibb

    That’s an incredible opportunity for the daring individual, is it?

    I wonder, how do you find this stuff, do you get notified by others, or do you hunt for them? 🙂


    I wish the person who qualifies and wins for the big opportunity good luck with the adventure, and hope he or she will create a blog to update us on his or her progress… if that’s the case…