About Me

ben-headshotI was adopted from South Korea and grew up in the greater Baltimore area. I love brazilian jiu-jitsu, food, startups, entrepreneurship and music. When I’m not working, I am probably doing some combination of food, travel and music.

I realized that I want to be an entrepreneur during high school, when I helped Stalefish Board Co. get started. I always had invention ideas or business plans, but Stalefish was my first experience with small business ownership. I learned one of my first lessons about startups here, “Nothing is going to be perfect when you go to launch, but you’re wasting time by not moving forward.”

I left home in 2007 to attend Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC. I had some of the best memories in my life there with even better people. A member of the Dean’s List and proud brother of the Delta Chi Fraternity, I eventually transferred back home to the University of Baltimore.

While taking undergraduate classes at night, I worked at GiftCardRescue.com, a startup based in Ellicott City, Maryland. I was the first employee and eventually promoted to operations manager of the multi-million dollar e-commerce business. It’s here where I built my business acumen and I credit this experience for all of my future success. To this day GCR’s founder Kwame and I remain close and he sits on the board at Natural Stacks.

Towards the end of 2011, I founded WhiteRaverRafting.com, an electronic dance music blog. The website quickly gained traction in the space due to a strong base in search engine optimization and community building. I spent most of 2012 traveling to music festivals, meeting incredible people and living my dream. Today WRR is one of the premiere dance music websites in North America.

After a brief stint in healthcare information technology, I co-founded my next startup Natural Stacks LLC. Natural Stacks is a dietary supplement company and creator of the world’s first and only CILTEP Nootropic Stack for optimal mental performance. Each Natural Stack contains only the best premium sourced ingredients, each with a very specific biomechanical purpose.

We use clear transparent labeling and easily explain the science behind the stacks on our website. Our company is fighting against everything that the industry is built upon and causing some serious disruption.