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Was the iPhone 4G Leaked on Purpose?

Is Apple ingeniousĀ enough to throw the web into a Wiz Khalifa style frenzy by “accidentally” releasing photo’s of the new iPhone?

If you’re behind in the times last week Engadget released photo’s of the new iPhone HD or 4G. The images have not been verified or denied by Apple. It’s completely out of character asĀ Apple typically keeps all of their product details locked down until release.

What’s more interesting than the photo’s however might be the story behind how the iPhone 4g was lost and found. The Gizmodo post tells a story of Gray Powell a 2006 UNC Chapel Hill graduate and employee of Apple. How he was out drinking and happened to lose his iPhone 4G in a drunken stupor.

What makes me wonder is how come Powell didn’t try to recover his iPhone?

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Lessons Learned #1 – Not everything you’re going to try is going to work


With less resources you can accomplish the same as someone with more as long as you allocate them properly.

At my work Gift Card Rescue we don’t have the same financial backing as our main competitors in our industry, but as a team we are organized and thoroughly dedicated. We have a clear vision of what we need to accomplish and set out to do so. I like to call it guerilla online marketing. It’s rough, dirty, and tiresome but well worth it.

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